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    Dates for your diary

    School Calendar, DATES FOR 2008-2009

    Here are the important dates as we go through the school year:

    Keystage 2 SATS are 12 to 16 May, Keystage 3 SATS are 06 to 09 May and GCSEs are 14 May to 20 June.

    Summer Term Assemblies

    • Fri 16 May – Year 5
    • Fri 23 May – Year 4 Tudors 9.30 (please note change of date and time)
    • Fri 6 June – Whole School: Art
    • Fri 13 June – Year 4
    • Fri 13 June – Geography & History
    • Fri 20 June – Year 3
    • Fri 27 June – Whole School – Maths
    • Fri 4 July – Year 2
    • Fri 11 July – Whole School – Spanish
    • Fri 18 July – Year 6 Leavers assembly & Prize Giving

    Parents and carers are welcome to attend any Friday assembly, which run from 9.10 – 9.30am.

    P.E. DAYS

    • Nursery: Monday & Wednesday
    • Reception: Monday & Friday
    • Year 1: Thursday & Friday
    • Year 2: Thursday (double session)
    • Year 3: Thursday & Friday
    • Year 4: Thursday (swimming) & Friday
    • Year 5: Wednesday & Friday
    • Year 6: Wednesday & Thursday (swimming)

    Summer Term Dates

    • Fri 16 May – FROGS Treasure Hunt Evening
    • Mon 19 May – Year 2 visit Museum of London
    • Wed 21 May – Year 6 Kwik Cricket Competition
    • W/C Mon 12 May – Year 6 SATS Tests
    • Year 3 Rounder Festival, London Fields
    • Thurs 22 May – Year 4 visit Science Museum
    • Thurs 22 May – Swimming Gala
    • Fri 23 May – Year 6 visit Lord’s Cricket Ground
    • Fri 23 May – Nursery & Reception visit Ashlyn’s Organic Farm
    • Mon 2 June – Ashlyns Organics start school meals provision
    • Tues 3 June Year 6 visit Laburnum Boat Club
    • Tues 3 June Year 5 start Sailing lessons
    • Tues 3 June – Mini Red Tennis Finals, Clissold Park 9.00 – 12.30
    • Wed 4 June – Junior Athletics Festival
    • Thurs 5 June – Year 6 visit Natural History Museum
    • Fri 6 June – Heat 2 Swimming Gala (TBC)
    • Mon 9 June – Year 6 Girls Cricket Competition
    • Tues 10 June – Mini Orange tennis Finals 9.00 – 12.30, Clissold Park
    • Wed 11 June – Year 5 Road Safety Drama Session
    • Thurs 12 June – Year 6 visit London Zoo
    • Thurs 12 June – Reception start swimming
    • Mon 16 June – Swimming Gala Finals (TBC)
    • Thurs 19 June – Year 6 visit Tate Britain
    • Fri 20 June – Mini Green tennis Finals, Clissold Park 9.00 – 12.30
    • Wed 25 June – Music Evening 6.30
    • Thurs 26 June – Year 6 visit Imperial War Museum
    • Fri 27 June – Summer Fair
    • Thurs 3 July – Year 6 Lea Valley Ice Skating visit
    • Thurs 3 - Fri 4 July – Lake District visit
    • Fri 4 July – Year 5 Proms In The Park PM
    • Mon 7 July – Infant Music Festival PM (Y2)
    • Wed 9 July – Junior Music Festival PM (Y4)
    • Thurs 10 July – Year 6 visit Kew Gardens
    • Thurs 10 July – Parents Consultations
    • Nursery & Year 4 AM
    • Reception & Year 3 PM
    • Whole School 3.45 – 6.30
    • Fri 11 July – Parent Consultations
    • Year 5 & 6 AM
    • Year 1 & 2 PM
    • Mon 14 July – Secondary School Transfer Day
    • Tues 15 July – Sports Day
    • Thurs 17 July – Whole School Cinema Trip
    • Fri 18 July – Year 6 Leavers Assembly & Prize-Giving
    • Fri18 July last day of school

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  • Please note there will be 1 more INSET day still to be decided.
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    Essay writing help

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has announced a national strike taking place on Thursday 24th April 2008. Union members did not have to inform the school until 14th April of their decision to strike or not. Unfortunately this is during the 2-week holiday and has meant that this gives the school limited opportunity to contact parents to make arrangements for child care on that day.

    Grasmere Primary School has a number of Union members, some of whom have decided to support the strike. This means that we will not have full complement of teaching staff on that day and some children in classes will not be able to attend school on that day. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    Classes closed are as follows:

  • Nursery
  • Reception
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Fortunately we will be able to open some classes. All junior Classes (Years 3 to 6) will remain open as usual.

    Registers for children unable to attend school on 24th April due to the strike will be recorded as absent for "exceptional circumstances".

    Parents will be written to on Monday 21st April giving them further information.

    Thanks you for your support,

    Mark Derrington

    Headteacher essaywritingdata
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    African Drumming

    Vicky Jassy has places available on a Monday from 4.30 – 5.30 for beginner drummers. Sessions cost £4.00. Please speak with Mark for further details.

    dramamasks: greek theatre masks
    | # | music, drama and dance department on 4/9/08; 12:20:30 PM |

    Cricket Success

    The Grasmere Cricket team came 3rd in the London finals at Lords last week. Well done to the following children who represented the school so effectively: Asa, Ellie, Sam, Livvy, Rahmar, Maisie, Max, Rajan, Ebony, Matty, Weyland, Savannah, Esme, Dexter H and Dexter G.

    | # | Sport, Cricket department on 4/9/08; 12:20:30 PM |

    New Parent Governor

    I am pleased to announce that our new Parent Governor is Diane Tuckey. Diane has 3 children in school Mia, Alex and Charlie. Diane has also been an active member of FROGS and the SEN and Diverse Heritage parents' groups.

    | # | governing body department on 4/9/08; 12:19:57 PM |

    Secondary School Place Allocations

    Parents will have received letters this week detailing the allocation of Secondary School places for their children. If you have not heard about your child’s application or you are unhappy with the place offered please contact Ian or Mark for further advice. Deadlines for appeals procedures close shortly.

    Stoke Newington Media Arts and Science College Year 7 Dates

    Stoke Newington have announced dates for parents and carers of pupils starting the school in September.

    Monday 19 & Wednesday 21 May

    Interviews for Year 6 pupils and parents/carers 8.00am – 1.00pm. Interviews will last approximately 30 minutes. Times to be allocated shortly.

    Monday 14 July

    Induction Day with taster lessons, meeting tutors and the Head of Year 7.

    | # | secondary school news department on 4/9/08; 12:19:50 PM |

    School Meals Changes

    We are pleased to announce exciting changes to the school meals provided at Grasmere Primary School. The school has decided to terminate the contract with Sunway Catering, who currently provide school meals. During May Ashlyn Organics will become the school meal providers. Changes will include:

    • * Improved quality of ingredients and food produced
    • * New menus
    • * In depth training for staff creating meals
    • * Use of organic and locally sourced fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products
    • * No increase in price of meals

    Simon Owen from Ashlyn’s Organics will be coming to the Parents Mile Stone Meeting on 26 March to explain changes. We will shortly be announcing the date of a free taster session for parents and children.

    We are positive that you will see a big improvement in the quality of food provided.

    treatimage: treats at grasmere logo
    | # | school dinners department on 4/9/08; 12:19:40 PM |

    Netball Training

    We will be starting Netball training for girls in Years 4 to 6 each Wednesday starting W/C 3rd March, starting at 3.45 – 4.45pm at Stoke Newington Arts & Media College. Children will need to be collected by parents or make their way home. Grasmere staff will escort children to training sessions.

    | # | sport department on 4/9/08; 12:19:30 PM |

    Easter Holiday/Term Dates


    • Monday 18th – Friday 22nd February
    • Return to school Monday 25th February
    • Bank Holiday Friday 21st March
    • Bank Holiday Monday 25th March


    • Monday 7th – Friday 18th April
    • Return to school 21st April


    • Monday 26th – 30th May
    • Return to school Monday 2nd June
    • Break up Friday 18th July for Summer Holidays
    | # | schools news department on 4/9/08; 12:19:17 PM |

    Chess Success

    Well done to the Grasmere Primary School Chess Club who narrowly missed out in in going forward to the Under 9’s and Under 11’s Chess finals by only _ point!

    Congratulations to James, Gabby, Jack, Rosie, Alex, Ellie H, Ricco, Emily, Fraser, Marla, Sol and Arthur. Many thanks to Henry for his coaching of the children.

    chesslogo: logo for the chess team
    | # | chess department on 4/9/08; 12:19:06 PM |

    Girls Basketball

    Well done to the Girls Basketball team who came second in last week’s Stoke Newington Cluster Competition. Thanks go to Daniel for his coaching of children.

    | # | sport department on 4/9/08; 12:18:54 PM |
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    Mummies and Mayhem

    The Stoke Newington Extended Schools Cluster, which Grasmere Primary School is part of will be organising a half term project called “Mummies and Mayhem” on Monday 18 to Thursday 21st February at William Patten Primary. Sessions are free and available to a limited number of Year 4 and 5 pupils from local schools. The sessions will include a trip to the 02 Centre in Greenwich to see the Tutankhamen exhibition.

    Places on the scheme are free but application must be returned to the school no later than 7th February. Details of the programme and registration form have been sent home with children.

    | # | after school clubs department on 2/4/08; 4:40:27 PM |

    Grasmere Netball Team

    Grasmere football team took part in a high five netball tournament on Wednesday 30 January 2008. Although the team has never Trained or played netball before, they won 1, Drew 1 and lost 1.

  • St John of Jerusalem 2 – Grasmere 0
  • Grasmere 0 – Orchard 0
  • Grasmere 3 -- -- Homleigh 2
  • The Netball team are Leah, Darcy, Sophia,Tian, Jude, Joshua, Gabey, Bobbie

    All players played very well and worked as a team. Jude receive the player of the tournament award for his hard work and scoring in the last second of the game.

    | # | sport department on 2/4/08; 4:39:32 PM |
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    Pupil Progress Meetings

    Teachers will be meeting with parents to discuss the social and academic development of pupils and pupil targets for the next term on:
    • Wednesday 19t: Year 1 & 4 AM / Year 3 & 5 PM
    • Thursday 20th March Nursery & Year 2 AM / Nursery & Year 6 PM
    • Thursday 20th March All Classes 3.45 – 6.30
    | # | curriculum department on 1/12/08; 2:10:31 AM |

    Sporting diary this term

    This term the following sporting activities will be taking place and on the following days. For Health and Safety and hygiene reasons please ensure your child has the correct clothes to change into and are labelled with their names:
  • Nursery: Gymnastics and Games (Monday& Wednesday)
  • Reception: Gymnastics & Games (Monday & Wednesday)
  • Year 1: Tennis (Fri)
  • Year 2: Dance (Tuesday) Swimming (Thurs)
  • Year 3: Dance (Thursday)
  • Year 4: Dance (Monday) Swimming (Thursday)
  • Year 5: Games (Thursday) Cricket (Fri)
  • Year 6: Swimming (Thursday) Cricket (Fri)
  • | # | sport department on 1/12/08; 2:08:27 AM |

    Next Frogs meeting

    The next meeting of FROGS will be held on Wednesday 16th January at 8.00pm. The meeting will be held in the new Community Room (access from 92 Albion Road). FROGS would particularly welcome new parents and carers to attend to discuss future fund raising and social activities.
    | # | FROGS news department on 1/12/08; 2:06:35 AM |
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    Pupil Progress Meetings

    Teachers will be meeting with parents to discuss the social and academic development of pupils and pupil targets for the next term on:

    Wednesday 19 March:

    • Year 1 & 4 AM
    • Year 3 & 5 PM

    Thursday 20 March

    • Nursery & Year 2 AM
    • Nursery & Year 6 PM
    Thursday 20 March
    • All Classes 3.45 – 6.30
    | # | curriculum department on 1/1/08; 11:23:47 PM |


    We are pleased to announce that from January Grasmere will be using the Clissold Leisure Centre again for swimming lessons. This is good news for us as not only does it mean we can cut down on unnecessary travel time (which cuts into learning opportunities for children) but also offer swimming on the curriculum to more year groups.

    From January the following year groups will be going swimming Year 4 and 6 on Thursday mornings (until half term) and Year 2 on Thursday afternoon. Sessions will start Thursday 10th January 2008.

    Please remember that these lessons are to teach your child vital survival skills as swimming is a life-skill that will enrich their whole lives. Your children will not fall in a pool, lake or canal wearing goggles and will need to have the presence of mind to get themselves to safety. They will inform you that their eyeballs will pop out if they wear goggles so read this before supporting their pleas to wear goggles.

    | # | sport, swimming department on 1/1/08; 11:23:05 PM |

    Cycle Training

    Year 1 and 2 Cycle Training

    Year 1 and 2 parents will be informed shortly of details of Cycle Training available on Tuesday 15th January onwards.

    Adults Cycle Training

    We are pleased to announce that Cycle Training for adults will be available for 5 sessions starting Tuesday 15th January. You don’t have to own a bike to take part. If you would like further details please contact Ian or Gail directly

    | # | cycling and transport department on 1/1/08; 11:21:35 PM |

    Language of the Half Term

    From January 2008 we will be focussing upon a language of the half term in assemblies, classes and displays, learning key words and phrases which children can use regularly. Languages studied will relate to the diversity of the 25 languages spoken within school. Each half term another language will be focussed upon following the same format of words and phrases learned, as well as an understanding of where languages come from and how they have influenced society.

    Next half-term’s language will be Makaton which is a system of communication using sign to support speech and graphic symbols to support the written word and is used in over 40 countries.

    Activities each half term will focus upon:
    • First words
    • Numbers
    • Questions and answers
    | # | curriculum department on 1/1/08; 11:20:43 PM |
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    Community Room & Library

    Final work renovating the exterior of the front of the building has started. All interior work has been completed. We are awaiting final approval from Hackney Council in order to start using the Community Room and Library once Transco complete work to the building’s water and gas supply.

    | # | schools news department on 12/17/07; 1:01:41 PM |