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    Dates for your diary

    School Calendar, DATES FOR 2008-2009

    Here are the important dates as we go through the school year:

    assemblies for this term

    Fridays in 2008

    • Fri 8 Feb: Year 4 – Chinese New Year
    • Fri 15 Feb: Whole School: Mathematics
    • Fri 29 Feb: Year 2 – Mother’s Day
    • Fri 7 March: Whole School – Science
    • Fri 14 March: Year 6 – Easter
    • Fri 28 March: Whole School – Religious Education
    • Fri 4 April: Reception

    Parents and carers are welcome to attend any Friday assembly, which run from 9.10 – 9.30am.

    P.E. DAYS

    • Nursery: Monday & Wednesday
    • Reception: Monday & Friday
    • Year 1: Thursday & Friday
    • Year 2: Thursday (double session)
    • Year 3: Thursday & Friday
    • Year 4: Thursday (swimming) & Friday
    • Year 5: Wednesday & Friday
    • Year 6: Wednesday & Thursday (swimming)

    FROGS events:

    • Fri 29 Feb – FROGS PTA

    Spring dates for your diaries

    Spring Dates For Your Diary 2008
    • Monday 4 February - Year 6 visit to Houses of Parliament
    • Thursday 7 February - Family Learning Afternoon: Design & Technology
    • Tuesday 12 February - Whole school Violin & Viola performance
    • Thurs 14 & Fri 15 February - Year 1 English Pocket Opera workshops
    • W/C 18 Feb - HALF TERM
    • Wed 27 Feb - Whole School Accordion performance
    • Fri 29 Feb - FROGS PTA
    • W/C 3 March - Science Week: Focus Environmental Improvement & Eco Experiments
    • Thurs 13 & Fri 14 March - Year 2 English Pocket Opera workshops
    • Wed 19 March - Year 2 visit to Florence Nightingale Museum
    • Fri 4 April - Year 1 & 2 performance at Brittan Theatre, Royal School of Music with English Pocket Opera (Parents invited)

    National Curriculum testing


  • Please note there will be 1 more INSET day still to be decided.
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    Watch Out, Measles About!

    Since June 2007 there have been over 300 reported cases of measles to GPs in Hackney, more cases than recorded than in the rest of the country.

    In response to the recent measles out break the City and Hackney Primary Care Trust has arranged for the mobile immunisation unit to visit Grasmere on the morning of Monday 3rd December. The van will be in the playground from 8.45am with Nurses present to see children whose immunisations are not up to date. Please complete the form which has been sent home and return to school.

    Please note: All immunisations will only be carried out with parental permission and with parents present.

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    Reception Class Applications 2008/9

    Children born between 01.09.03. and 31.08.04. are due to start Reception in September 2008, or January 2009 for those born between 01.03.04. and 31.08.04.

    The deadline for all application as 1st February 2008. Application forms can be collected from the school, or by contacting Pupil Admissions on 0208 820 7401/7150. Alternatively you may download a copy of the form from www.learningtrust.co.uk or apply directly online at www.yourlondon.gov.uk/eadmissions

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    Basketball News

    Well done to the Grasmere Basketball team who came 3rd in this weeks semi final competition, winning 2, drawing 2 and losing 2 matches each. The following children represented the school:

    Max, Matty, Ellie, Livvy, Jack, Weyland, Joanna and Jude.

    | # | sport department on 11/26/07; 1:02:19 PM |

    Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

    We will again collect small items to fill show boxes for the appeal to provide children who may be victims of war, poverty, famine, disease and natural disaster with a present this Christmas, making a difference to their lives. Boxes will be in classes ready to be filled and sent to a sorting depot by December 3rd.

    Items which could be donated include:

    • TOYS – something to love
    • e.g. small soft toys, tennis ball, finger puppet, jigsaw, yo-yo, building blocks, doll, cars, earrings, make up, hair accessories etc…
    • EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIES – Something to do
    • e.g. Felt pens, pens, pencils, crayons, sharpeners, rubbers, colouring books, not pads, puzzle books, chalk, pencil case, stickers etc….
    • HYGIENE ITEMS – Something to use
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, comb, hair clips, bar of wrapped soap, flannel etc…
    • OTHER ITEMS – Something to eat or wear
    • Sweets (sell by date at least March 2008), gloves, scarf, sunglasses, cap, hat, bangles, necklace etc…
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    Christmas Lunch

    Children will be eating their Christmas lunch on Tuesday 18th December. Last year virtually all children within the school had a school lunch on that day enjoying the festivities. Again we would positively encourage all children to stay for lunch that day. If your child does not usually have a school lunch but you would like your child to stay that day please speak with Patsy by Thursday 11th December. There will be 3 choices of hot food, including 1 vegetarian main dish.

    treatimage: treats at grasmere logo
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    Whole School Pantomime Visit

    The whole school will be visiting Hackney Empire to see the pantomime Dick Whittington on Wednesday 19th December. Children will require a packed lunch on the day. Those children who are entitled to a free school lunch will be provided with a sandwich lunch.

    A voluntary contribution of £8.00 would be appreciated towards the cost of the visit. Additional seats for parents and carers are very limited and will also be charged at £8.00 each. Please speak to Karlie if you are interested in attending the visit.

    Children who attend After School Club will be charged £3.00 for the ASC session due to the late return.

    | # | school trips department on 11/26/07; 12:57:49 PM |

    Winter Concert Tickets 11th December

    Winter Concert tickets are now available from the school office. Due to capacity restrictions only 2 tickets can be issued per family. Tickets are priced at £4.00 per adult and £2.00 for non Grasmere children. Monies raised will be going towards the purchase of musical instruments for the school. Please purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment.

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    Winter Fair & raffle tickets

    The Winter Fair will take place on Friday 7th December at 3.30pm in the school hall. Everyone welcome!

    Raffle Tickets and Seasons Greetings Cards

    Raffle Tickets have been send home today with instructions how to sell. Please return unsold tickets or/and ticket stubs and monies collected to the school office.

    Seasons Greetings cards alongside raffle tickets will be sold at the end of each day by the FROGS team.

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