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    Dates for your diary

    School Calendar, DATES FOR 2008-2009

    Here are the important dates as we go through the school year:

    Keystage 2 SATS are 12 to 16 May, Keystage 3 SATS are 06 to 09 May and GCSEs are 14 May to 20 June.

    assemblies for this term

    Fridays in 2008

    • Fri 29 Feb: Year 2 – Mother’s Day
    • Fri 7 March: Whole School – Science
    • Fri 14 March: Year 6 – Easter
    • Fri 28 March: Whole School – Religious Education
    • Fri 4 April: Reception

    Parents and carers are welcome to attend any Friday assembly, which run from 9.10 – 9.30am.

    P.E. DAYS

    • Nursery: Monday & Wednesday
    • Reception: Monday & Friday
    • Year 1: Thursday & Friday
    • Year 2: Thursday (double session)
    • Year 3: Thursday & Friday
    • Year 4: Thursday (swimming) & Friday
    • Year 5: Wednesday & Friday
    • Year 6: Wednesday & Thursday (swimming)

    FROGS events:

    • Fri 29 Feb – FROGS PTA

    Spring dates for your diaries

    Spring Dates For Your Diary 2008
    • Wed 27 Feb - Whole School Accordion performance
    • Fri 29 Feb - FROGS PTA
    • W/C 3 March - Science Week: Focus Environmental Improvement & Eco Experiments
    • Thurs 13 & Fri 14 March - Year 2 English Pocket Opera workshops
    • Wed 19 March - Year 2 visit to Florence Nightingale Museum
    • Fri 4 April - Year 1 & 2 performance at Brittan Theatre, Royal School of Music with English Pocket Opera (Parents invited)

    National Curriculum testing


  • Please note there will be 1 more INSET day still to be decided.
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    Pupil Progress Meetings

    Teachers will be meeting with parents to discuss the social and academic development of pupils and pupil targets for the next term on:

    Wednesday 19 March:

    • Year 1 & 4 AM
    • Year 3 & 5 PM

    Thursday 20 March

    • Nursery & Year 2 AM
    • Nursery & Year 6 PM
    Thursday 20 March
    • All Classes 3.45 – 6.30
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    We are pleased to announce that from January Grasmere will be using the Clissold Leisure Centre again for swimming lessons. This is good news for us as not only does it mean we can cut down on unnecessary travel time (which cuts into learning opportunities for children) but also offer swimming on the curriculum to more year groups.

    From January the following year groups will be going swimming Year 4 and 6 on Thursday mornings (until half term) and Year 2 on Thursday afternoon. Sessions will start Thursday 10th January 2008.

    Please remember that these lessons are to teach your child vital survival skills as swimming is a life-skill that will enrich their whole lives. Your children will not fall in a pool, lake or canal wearing goggles and will need to have the presence of mind to get themselves to safety. They will inform you that their eyeballs will pop out if they wear goggles so read this before supporting their pleas to wear goggles.

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    Cycle Training

    Year 1 and 2 Cycle Training

    Year 1 and 2 parents will be informed shortly of details of Cycle Training available on Tuesday 15th January onwards.

    Adults Cycle Training

    We are pleased to announce that Cycle Training for adults will be available for 5 sessions starting Tuesday 15th January. You don’t have to own a bike to take part. If you would like further details please contact Ian or Gail directly

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    Language of the Half Term

    From January 2008 we will be focussing upon a language of the half term in assemblies, classes and displays, learning key words and phrases which children can use regularly. Languages studied will relate to the diversity of the 25 languages spoken within school. Each half term another language will be focussed upon following the same format of words and phrases learned, as well as an understanding of where languages come from and how they have influenced society.

    Next half-term’s language will be Makaton which is a system of communication using sign to support speech and graphic symbols to support the written word and is used in over 40 countries.

    Activities each half term will focus upon:
    • First words
    • Numbers
    • Questions and answers
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