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    Dates for your diary

    School Calendar, DATES FOR 2008-2009

    Here are the important dates as we go through the school year:

    Keystage 2 SATS are 12 to 16 May, Keystage 3 SATS are 06 to 09 May and GCSEs are 14 May to 20 June.

    assemblies for this term

    Fridays in 2008

    • Fri 29 Feb: Year 2 – Mother’s Day
    • Fri 7 March: Whole School – Science
    • Fri 14 March: Year 6 – Easter
    • Fri 28 March: Whole School – Religious Education
    • Fri 4 April: Reception

    Parents and carers are welcome to attend any Friday assembly, which run from 9.10 – 9.30am.

    P.E. DAYS

    • Nursery: Monday & Wednesday
    • Reception: Monday & Friday
    • Year 1: Thursday & Friday
    • Year 2: Thursday (double session)
    • Year 3: Thursday & Friday
    • Year 4: Thursday (swimming) & Friday
    • Year 5: Wednesday & Friday
    • Year 6: Wednesday & Thursday (swimming)

    FROGS events:

    • Fri 29 Feb – FROGS PTA

    Spring dates for your diaries

    Spring Dates For Your Diary 2008
    • Wed 27 Feb - Whole School Accordion performance
    • Fri 29 Feb - FROGS PTA
    • W/C 3 March - Science Week: Focus Environmental Improvement & Eco Experiments
    • Thurs 13 & Fri 14 March - Year 2 English Pocket Opera workshops
    • Wed 19 March - Year 2 visit to Florence Nightingale Museum
    • Fri 4 April - Year 1 & 2 performance at Brittan Theatre, Royal School of Music with English Pocket Opera (Parents invited)

    National Curriculum testing


  • Please note there will be 1 more INSET day still to be decided.
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    FROGS news

    Next Frogs meeting

    The next meeting of FROGS will be held on Wednesday 16th January at 8.00pm. The meeting will be held in the new Community Room (access from 92 Albion Road). FROGS would particularly welcome new parents and carers to attend to discuss future fund raising and social activities.
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    Winter Fair & raffle tickets

    The Winter Fair will take place on Friday 7th December at 3.30pm in the school hall. Everyone welcome!

    Raffle Tickets and Seasons Greetings Cards

    Raffle Tickets have been send home today with instructions how to sell. Please return unsold tickets or/and ticket stubs and monies collected to the school office.

    Seasons Greetings cards alongside raffle tickets will be sold at the end of each day by the FROGS team.

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    Jumble Sale - fun and bargains!

    The Jumble Sale will take place on Saturday 10th November between 10.30am and 12.30pm. All donations of items would be appreciated on Friday 9th November and placed in the Medical Room. A good chance to clear out your old bric-a-brac, clothes, linen, shoes etc…. Please remember to bring cakes, biscuits and home baked items on the day to sell.

    Volunteers to assist with setting up of stalls on the afternoon of Friday 9th or help on the day would be appreciated as well.

    Many thanks for contributions and more importantly – please come along on the day!

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    Frogs AGM - minutes published

    After a delightful Tea and biscuits FROGS looks forward to a new year ahead. Get involved in your child's school. Ask not what FROGS can do for your child ask what you can do for FROGS. Here are the minutes of the AGM
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    Summer Fair

    Congratulations to FROGS for organizing such a successful Summer Fair last week. A total of over £900 was raised. Many thanks to everyone for their efforts planning, setting up, running stalls and clearing away afterwards.
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