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    Dates for your diary

    School Calendar, DATES FOR 2008-2009

    Here are the important dates as we go through the school year:

    Keystage 2 SATS are 12 to 16 May, Keystage 3 SATS are 06 to 09 May and GCSEs are 14 May to 20 June.

    assemblies for this term

    Fridays in 2008

    • Fri 29 Feb: Year 2 – Mother’s Day
    • Fri 7 March: Whole School – Science
    • Fri 14 March: Year 6 – Easter
    • Fri 28 March: Whole School – Religious Education
    • Fri 4 April: Reception

    Parents and carers are welcome to attend any Friday assembly, which run from 9.10 – 9.30am.

    P.E. DAYS

    • Nursery: Monday & Wednesday
    • Reception: Monday & Friday
    • Year 1: Thursday & Friday
    • Year 2: Thursday (double session)
    • Year 3: Thursday & Friday
    • Year 4: Thursday (swimming) & Friday
    • Year 5: Wednesday & Friday
    • Year 6: Wednesday & Thursday (swimming)

    FROGS events:

    • Fri 29 Feb – FROGS PTA

    Spring dates for your diaries

    Spring Dates For Your Diary 2008
    • Wed 27 Feb - Whole School Accordion performance
    • Fri 29 Feb - FROGS PTA
    • W/C 3 March - Science Week: Focus Environmental Improvement & Eco Experiments
    • Thurs 13 & Fri 14 March - Year 2 English Pocket Opera workshops
    • Wed 19 March - Year 2 visit to Florence Nightingale Museum
    • Fri 4 April - Year 1 & 2 performance at Brittan Theatre, Royal School of Music with English Pocket Opera (Parents invited)

    National Curriculum testing


  • Please note there will be 1 more INSET day still to be decided.
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    Grasmere Swim Team

    Goggles costumes and swimming lessons

    We are always looking for children to join the Grasmere Primary School Swimming Team which is made up from 4 children from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. The school is the current runner up of the Hackney Swimming Shield we had hoped to retain it for a third year when it is was last contested - we will be back for it in 2007.

    Sadly it will be a long time until we can swim at Clissold Leisure Centre but any children wishing to join us can come along and join Clissold Swimming Club.

    Swimmers need to be able to swim and be prepared to receive instruction but attitude is the most important thing. The sessions are intended to develop technique and stamina, so they will be working hard in the pool. It will, of course, also be fun, building a “team spirit” with games. The children do not need to be super swimmers, just keen to learn and be part of a team. With Clissold closed for possibly years the swim team will have to be made up of a core of Grasmere pupils who are strong swimmers but concerted efforts will be made to include as many young swimmers from the school.

    Please see Greg McNeill for more details or pass details of interest to "Liz" or "Patsy" in the School Office.

    Goggles and swimming lessons

    Dear fellow parent - here is a swimming teacher's perspective on swimwear

    The swimming lessons team at Highbury Fields wisely insist that all children wear close-fitting costumes and, to help avoid distractions, discourage the wearing of goggles by young would-be swimmers.

    Many of you will therefore be being asked by your children to invent reasons why they absolutely must wear goggles for swimming lessons to avoid certain blindness. The boys will have twenty reasons why they just have to wear their new three-quarter length Quicksilver surf trousers, Arsenal shorts or baggy jammers to these lessons. They will tell you that their eyeballs will melt in the pool, swimming hats give them headaches and swimming trunks look stupid.

    Before you agree to their demands and perjure yourself please stop and think what these swimming lessons are for:

    • They are primarily to give your child the skills necessary to save their own life in water and are not to teach them to swim fast or swim every stroke beautifully.
    • Long baggy shorts on boys mean they cannot move their legs to learn breaststroke. All the fabric and the pockets are like drogues pulling them down so that they can't learn the other strokes either - Woolworths, Peacocks and others sell 'slick' swimming trunks for boys from as little as £1.99.
    • Swimming hats on long-haired children keep hair out of their eyes, nose, mouth and aid concentration as well as respiration.
    • Goggles are not needed for a lesson lasting half an hour with about 20 minutes in the water with much of it spent listening to an instructor, they distract your child and the instructor who is less able to observe every swimmer.
    • Remember your child will not be wearing goggles when walking along the banks of a canal, pond or river and you want them able to react confidently if they fall into water. If they panic because they have water splashed in their eyes, which they are not used to, they are not going to think about what they learned at the swimming pool.
    • If your child enjoys swimming and joins a club (we can recommend a very good one) and they are training in swimming sessions that last up to two hours with concentrated swimming four nights a week - goggles are vital. Otherwise, for short sessions such as school lessons, they are a distraction from learning a basic survival skill that they will have for the rest of their lives that will give them access to a host of water-based and outdoor activities.

    Or you could do as they instruct and fill in the form; as your reward they will leave the goggles and their Arsenal shorts at the pool.

    Greg McNeill

    News Archive


    We are pleased to announce that from January Grasmere will be using the Clissold Leisure Centre again for swimming lessons. This is good news for us as not only does it mean we can cut down on unnecessary travel time (which cuts into learning opportunities for children) but also offer swimming on the curriculum to more year groups.

    From January the following year groups will be going swimming Year 4 and 6 on Thursday mornings (until half term) and Year 2 on Thursday afternoon. Sessions will start Thursday 10th January 2008.

    Please remember that these lessons are to teach your child vital survival skills as swimming is a life-skill that will enrich their whole lives. Your children will not fall in a pool, lake or canal wearing goggles and will need to have the presence of mind to get themselves to safety. They will inform you that their eyeballs will pop out if they wear goggles so read this before supporting their pleas to wear goggles.

    | # | sport, swimming department on 1/1/08; 11:23:05 PM |

    Swimming Success

    Well done to Max, Tom and James who will be representing Hackney in the swimming event at the London Mini Youth Games this summer.
    | # | sport, swimming department on 6/22/06; 11:22:13 AM |

    Grasmere lose swimming gala to Rushmore

    The Grasmere Swim Team finished one point behind Rushmore who are this year's Hackney swimming champions. Grasmere swimmers were brilliant with almost everyone 'swimming up' at least a year and having a great time into the bargain. We were undone when our disqualification was, rightly, demanded in one event by another school, congratulations to Rushmore. Children from Grasmere and all the schools were great competitors with outstanding performances from every swimmer and everyone had a great time at what was a wonderful event - we will be back!

    Grasmere competitors were Alice Bedford, Matilda Cornwall-Jones, Alex Peters, Callum Poland-Smith, Riley Bowden, Lily Ashton, Tom Patel, Hannah Miller-Brunton, James Kinch and Millie McNeill.

    With Alice, Matilda (both two-times winners) and Alex leaving we will be looking to our year fives this year to deliver the goods next year.

    | # | sport, swimming department on 7/12/05; 1:21:44 PM |

    Olympic Swimming Success

    Last term local swimmer Elaine Barrett presented members of the Grasmere Swimming Team with awards.

    Last week in the Para-Olympics Elaine won the 100 Metre gold medal in Athens. Congratulations Elaine

    | # | sport, swimming department on 10/8/04; 9:01:12 AM |

    Year 5 & 6 Swimming

    Year 5 and 6 will start swimming lessons from Thursday 16th September. Please note that boys will be required to wear swimming trunks and not shorts as previously allowed.

    A letter detailing all of the information for swimming will be sent out shortly.

    | # | sport, swimming department on 9/12/04; 9:01:47 PM |

    Grasmere Primary School win Hackney schools gala

    Grasmere Kids with the Swimming SilverwareFor the second year running Grasmere primary school are the holders of the Hackney Swimming Shield. In a tough event with a lot of new swimmers the team fought off tough opposition from arch rivals Rushmore to retain the shield. Everyone did a great job. Special mentions to Joe, Katherine, Rowan, Alex and Abigail who are leaving for secondary and to Millie McNeill, Max Orange and James Kinch the youngest members of the team. At Friday's assembly Hackney's own swimming Olympian Elaine Barrett gave out the team medals.
    | # | sport, swimming department on 7/12/04; 11:15:32 AM |

    Grasmere Swim Team in the water next week

    A team from Grasmere will be competing at James Allen's Prep School in Dulwich in the divisional heat of the UK Primary Schools swimming competition. All swimmers should have had their info. Minibus will leave the school at 15:00 and we hope to have everyone home just after 20:00. If you have any questions speak to Greg via the school office.
    | # | sport, swimming department on 4/30/04; 10:05:08 AM |

    swim team

    After delays dealing with the management at the leisure centre to get permission to start and waiting for the boilers to be fixed and get the water temperature back up we had our first session at the pool this morning. One thing for parents to remember is that with goggles you get what you pay for. Speedo, Win and Nike are among the best with the best bands and buckles and are cheaper in sports shops than they are at a leisure-centre. Be sure to ask for junior goggles if your child has a small head and try to get goggles made with as much soft rubber as possible in case of collisions. Thanks. Greg
    | # | sport, swimming department on 9/25/03; 9:45:10 AM |

    Grasmere Swim Team

    We are looking for children to join the Grasmere Primary School Swimming Team which will be made up from 4 children from each class from Year 2 to Year 6.

    Training sessions take place at the Clissold Leisure Centre from 7.15 to 8.15 every Thursday Morning. Following the training session children can eat a packed breakfast and then will be walked to school for a 9.00 start. <more....>

    Please see Greg McNeill for more details or pass details of interest to Liz or Patsy in the School Office.

    | # | sport, swimming department on 9/18/03; 8:59:51 AM |

    Junior Swimming Classes

    Junior Swimming classes begin from next week. All children will need to bring a swimming costume, towel and swimming hat. Please note the following days for swimming.

    Year 3 Tuesday Afternoons
    Year 4 Monday Afternoons
    Year 5 Tuesday Afternoons
    Year 6 Wednesday Afternoons
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